As teachers, administrators, and educational professionals, you can play a crucial role in a young person's journey. Explore resources that can help you encourage self-determined habits in your school or classroom!
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Where do I start?

As an educator, you have a lot to work with. Let us help you find what you need so that you can effectively support your students.

Educator Path to Success

The Pathways to Success are set up for you, at your own pace, to learn about how to support your students in becoming more self-determined. Follow the Educator Path in the order it has been created, or skip to certain parts to grab the information you need. We hope the animated videos help clarify some of the concepts around self-determination.

Video Series – Student Involvement in the IEP Process

Have you ever wondered how to get students more involved in their education? The IEP process is a wonderful place to start, and with the help of our tools, you’ll see how easy it is to bring student voice to the forefront, resulting in a plan that better represents the student.

About I’m Determined

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Learn more about I’m Determined, read about the history of disability, and look into how we’re active in your region.