You made it to the right place, we are glad you’re here. As family members, you are an important part of your student’s success no matter their age. Explore resources and events that will help you support your child along their journey.
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Tools Just For You

We know that family members need support just as much as their youth do. These resources are here to help you.

Path To Success

The Pathways to Success are set up for you, at your own pace, to learn about how to support your child in becoming more self-determined. Follow the Parent Path in the order it has been created, or skip to certain parts to grab the information you need. When you select a topic from the left-hand column; an animated video will play, with recommended resources in the right-hand column.

Critical Decision Points

Parents and caregivers have certain goals in mind when their children go to school. Regardless of whether children have disabilities or not, all parents want them to learn, explore, and experience as much as they possibly can. In order for your child to achieve future goals, there are certain decisions that you, as a family, will have to make along the way. The purpose of this guide is to assist you in understanding four things: keys to success, educational pathway decisions, critical decision points, and information available.