I’m determined to succeed.

Find tools and support to help you set goals, be heard, and reach for the stars.

Building Support for Self-Determination

There are many ways you can play a role in a young person’s journey to self-determination. Whether you’re at school, at home, at work, or in the community, I’m Determined provides tools for every aspect of life, at any age.

Meet a Youth Leader

I’m Determined State Youth Leaders are a diverse, energetic, creative, and passionate group of young adults.

I’m Determined is what gave me a voice and taught me whatever I want to do, I have to be self-determined and advocate for myself. Advocating for myself has helped me advocate for other people.

– Chloe, Youth Leader, Regions 2 & 3
Headshot of youth leader, Chloe, female with short, brown hair, smiling

I’ve had a life-changing experience with I’m Determined. The learning tools prepared me to be life-ready in college and the workforce. I strongly recommend to start using these tools early to give students a sense of autonomy in their education. The lifelong friendships that I have developed here at I’m Determined will also be cherished for a lifetime!

– Jonathan, Youth Leader, Regions 1 & 8
Headshot of youth leader, Jonathan, male with black hair and glasses, smiling and wearing a purple and yellow striped polo shirt

Determination is not a skill that can be mastered, it’s an aspect of life that we have to strive for everyday; within everything we do.

– Traleya, Youth Leader, Regions 2 & 3
Headshot of youth leader, Traleya, female with dark brown hair with highlights, wearing a striped shirt and jean jacket, sitting on a bench outdoors

What’s New

New Video Series – Student Involvement in the IEP Process

Have you ever wondered how to get students more involved in their education? The IEP process is a wonderful place to start, and with the help of our tools, you’ll see how easy it is to bring student voice to the forefront, resulting in a plan that better represents the student.

Empowering youth with skills and opportunities to succeed in school, personal lives, and beyond.