I’m determined to succeed.

Find tools and support to help you set goals, be heard, and reach for the stars.

Building Support

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, friend, OT, or just someone who loves a young person with a disability, your support is vital. I’m Determined knows that everyone is at different points of their journey to self-determination. Find tools to support the one you love in the best way for both of you.

Meet a Youth Leader

I’m Determined State Youth Leaders are a diverse, energetic, creative, and passionate group of young adults.

I’m Determined is what gave me a voice and taught me whatever I want to do, I have to be self-determined and advocate for myself. Advocating for myself has helped me advocate for other people.

– Chloe, Youth Leader, Regions 2 & 3
Headshot of youth leader, Chloe, female with short, brown hair, smiling

I’ve had a life-changing experience with I’m Determined. The learning tools prepared me to be life-ready in college and the workforce. I strongly recommend to start using these tools early to give students a sense of autonomy in their education. The lifelong friendships that I have developed here at I’m Determined will also be cherished for a lifetime!

– Jonathan, Youth Leader, Regions 1 & 8
Headshot of youth leader, Jonathan, male with black hair and glasses, smiling and wearing a purple and yellow striped polo shirt

Determination is not a skill that can be mastered, it’s an aspect of life that we have to strive for everyday; within everything we do.

– Traleya, Youth Leader, Regions 2 & 3
Headshot of youth leader, Traleya, female with dark brown hair with highlights, wearing a striped shirt and jean jacket, sitting on a bench outdoors

What’s New

Educators, save the date!

We’ll be hosting our I’m Determined Educator Symposium November 6-8, 2022 at Virginia Beach! Keep your eyes on the event page linked below, as we will be adding details early fall. If you are an educator who is currently practicing self-determination skills in your classroom, we’d love to hear about what you’re doing. Send us an email and update us!

Empowering youth with skills and opportunities to succeed in school, personal lives, and beyond.